Friday, July 15, 2011


A mother is born with the child. The agonizing ecstasy of child birth is the first of many new experiences a woman undergoes as a mother. Her responsibility and involvement in the family increases manifold. Every child is unique. So is every mother.
The first three months seem to be tough for a new mother. Gradually, she learns to adapt herself to meet the demands of her little one. Lack of sleep, tiredness and other similar issues might make her feel stressed. The support of family members will help her heal these initial discomforts.

Today, most of us live away from our parents. Childcare becomes a mounting task in such cases. Although hiring domestic help is possible, reliability of these maids is questionable. In such cases, the need for the father of the child to play a pivotal role arises. If the spouse is one such understanding person, there is no doubt that parenting would turn out to be a sheer joy.

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  1. Very true.Its a huge task, bringing up a child in a nuclear family.