Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The new routine

The shrieking alarm caused a vibration that made me instantly sit in my bed. It was 6 in the morning. After a very long time in the past 6 months(seriously unsure of the previous time), I came to my balcony and breathed the fresh morning air. The old lady in the opposite flat smiled with a surprise.Oops! It's 6:05 am.I had to rush to the kitchen after a quick brushing.

Should I start with the sambar? No, the cooker whistle will disturb the calmness of the house. Must I cook rice for lunch now? What if it gets spoilt by night? Will it be sufficient if I soak the tamarind for rasam now? Enough is enough. I started juggling with the vessels to check my culinary efficiency quotient by tasting the recipes in accordance with the time taken to cook them.

It's already 8 am, my cut-off time for household chores. I had managed to complete them on schedule. My husband was ready to make a move.

The milk supplier keenly asked, "you are ready so early mam?"
With a broad smile I answered, " yes raju, my daughter is going to school from today".
The curious kid held her hands closer to mine, confused of the new changes.

The helplessness caused because of not able to go for a job seemed slightly reduced by the new routine set by the kid going to the play school.

Dedicated to my daughter Sathvikha.