Saturday, July 16, 2011


Education is to refine onself. This is one of the very few inspirational quotings by the Principal of Mahatma Montesssori Matriculation Higher Secondary School Ms. Premalatha Paneerselvam. Mahatma school has served as a strong foundation for the future of its students through its important asset, TEACHERS. Right from kindergarden, I have been inspired by most of my teachers.

Ms. Jackie Wardon, our co-ordinator in std five, helped us learn English language better .As she was an anglo-Indian, her command over the language inspired me to love any language as one’s own mother tongue and never see it as a foreign language.

Ms. Saro Abraham, the soft-spoken biology teacher would leave a lasting impression on all those who meet her. Her pragmatic approach towards all problems taught us to think rationally.

Ms. Banu not only taught maths but also dance and aerobics. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that she was our quiz master too.

Another all-rounder was Ms. Vijaya Sundar who now heads the K.K.Nagar branch. She used to teach us English. She ensured that the morning assembly took place properly. Also, Ms. Vijaya was our bhajan teacher. Be it music, poetry or dramatics, she enlightened us with her performance on Teacher’s day every year.

Ms. Manimekalai and Ms. Thenmozhi who taught commerce and economics need a special mention. They always shared a special bond with their students.
The list is endless but these teachers stand as a testimony to the rest.

No matter how elegant a building looks, it needs a strong foundation to survive the tests of time.
Similarly, the basic education of a child shapes its future. Let us understand the need to provide a healthy learning environment for the coming generations and provide the same.

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