Friday, October 5, 2012

What Next ?

I had began frying the masala when my daughter woke up from bed and came straight to the kitchen, questioning in a sleepy voice, " Are you cooking chicken amba? ". I was startled to hear this as we don't eat non - veg during the Tamil month of Purattasi. My husband gave a pleading look on behalf of my daughter as if to say why disappoint the two year old. I gave a fierce look and he disappeared with the little one to the nearby shop to pacify her with a lollipop.

" Sathvikhaaa", my neighbor yelled from the balcony. I rushed to see it had started drizzling and my dry clothes had to be removed. I smiled thankfully and returned to the kitchen. Oops! Sathvikha had not taken her rain coat. We had planned to buy a new one during the Pooja holidays as her old coat don't fit her anymore. Also, there was loads to purchase for the family function next month.

The door bell rang and my maid entered with a grin. "Went to get school application form for my sister's son akka",she replied, with a broader grin. "Are forms issued so early for next academic year?", I asked, not satisfied by her excuse. She smiled as if sympathizing with me for my ignorance and started explaining the usual practice followed by so-called reputed schools. I was surprised. Meanwhile my husband and daughter had returned, thankfully the drizzle had stopped without a heavy downpour. My husband asked for a towel.

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"Where is my towel?", he asked again,louder. When I opened my eyes, he pointed to the clock which showed 7 in the morning. "You can save your morning sleep for tomorrow as it is a holiday for Gandhi Jayanthi. Also, Sathvikha's school will be closed for Dussera in two weeks. Would you wake up now to send her to school?" he said with a stern voice. I smiled. What a nice way to woo a sleeping person.

Finally, WAKING UP, NOW THAT SEPTEMBER HAS ENDED, way to go for the month ahead!

Wishing you an awesome October!

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  1. Wish you a fabulous October and happy holidays !

  2. Aah, you have brought the holiday mood on!!

  3. Very true Vaishnavi, sometimes things change so rapidly that they give us a jolt when we realize that it has happened.
    Nice post. :)

    check out my version on this topic :)

    Keep posting :)



  4. Thanks jay Singh!
    Had read urs wen it was posted.
    Gd one and I love ur blog design!
    Colorful and appealing to the eyes...
    Waiting for ur posts :)