Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why should men have all the fun?

Everyday, there are loads of jokes on Facebook about married vs unmarried, especially by men. And not forgetting to mention, the duel between the inhabitants of Mars and Venus, a perennial debate pops up, as well.

Though some of them make you smile, there are some that irks you. Initially I reacted to such so-called jokes, later ignored and now felt the need to share some humour, from the women's purview. I am sure, men who are said to possess better humor sense than women, would take it on a lighter note.

The popular hell joke where the deceased is given an opportunity to see hell and heaven before choosing between the two, led to the below thought, from the the first time I came across it in the mail.
The fun-filled environment in hell makes the decease instantly choose hell even without seeing heaven. The next day, the inmates of hell pose a dull face and do difficult tasks. When questioned, the deceased is told "yesterday you were an interviewee and had to be recruited. Today you are an employee."
Here goes my version:

The formal bride-seeing ceremony is over and all are satisfied. The bride is praised for her beauty, responsible behavior, knowledge and what not. Her ignorance in the department of household chores doesnot sound that bad. The couple tie the knot.
The next day of marriage, she wakes up from bed only to see the family members waiting to give their orders. Even before she brushes her teeth she is thrusted with a broom and asked to clean the first night decorations in the room. The perplexed bride hesitantly asks," but aunty, you said I can do all these once I am comfortable with the new atmosphere?"
The groom's mother replies with a smile," oh yes, that was to make you feel at home. You see, you were your parents daughter till yesterday; now you are my daughter-in-law."

There is no language better than your mother tongue to express strong feelings from the heart. Given below is one such thought in Tamil:

மீன் வருக்க மசாலா தடவும்போதேல்லாம், என் அம்மா, திருமணத்திற்கு எனக்கு போட்ட மருதாணி ஞாபகம் வருகிறது - வசீகரிக்கும் அழகு, வருத்தெடுப்பதர்க்கு முன்!

(while applying masala for fish fry, I am reminded of my mother helping me with mehendi before marriage - beautification before mortification!)

Folks, this is purely fun not meant at hurting your hearts but to burst your bellies by laughing, as I know there is no other better way of helping you reduce your hip sizes to fit into your favorite jeans!

Keep laughing!