Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Acting comes to everybody naturally, but not consciously. I had a liking towards acting from my childhood. I still remember trying to imitate the heroine of a movie in a song, dancing and acting like her when I was just 3.

My first play was’ Thumbelina’, the fairy tale that was staged in school in my Ist std. Guess how I got selected?? The name should have given you a clue. Yes, I was so short that I was suitable for the character of Thumbelina, who according to the fairy tale, was just the size of a thumb!

My second play, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was very interesting. I was chosen to play the role of a fairy initially, but I do not know till date what made my teacher change my role as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ ( Perhaps, she thought I was more suitable for this role too, like my earlier one:) ). Jumping with joy, I ran home to tell my mother I was the heroine of the school annual day play.

With full of hopes, mom came to witness the play on the annual day. The play had started and I entered the stage. I was supposed to walk in the garden set, eat an apple and fall asleep. I just did that. A lot of other characters were stepping in and out of the stage delivering their dialogues; controlling my temptation to have a glance at the crowd, I was lying down with my eyes closed tight! My mom kept waiting for my turn. At last, the prince in the play walked towards me, kissed my hands and I woke up. The climax of the play had come. I was in the Church set for the wedding with the prince. My mother had become tired of waiting to hear me speak and had finally given up. Suddenly she heard a voice over the mike” I agree” and looked up, expecting more from me. I had given the consent to marry the prince. The wedding bells rang and we danced. THE END!

My participation in school plays kindled in me the urge to become a theatre artist. In my Std XII, I and my friend Kayal scripted and staged a drama based on time machine which turned out to be a huge success. I was so fond of dramatics that I chose one of my electives as theatre arts, thanks to my college which had the choice-based credit system of academics. Wish I get a few more opportunities to pursue my passion…

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