Saturday, March 10, 2012


For the first time in my blog history (i see u caught me smiling sheepishly at my last two words :), I am here trying to post something about cooking, a topic which I never ever expected to write about!

Last week had been so adventurous for me as I was testing my culinary skills by trying new recipes from the internet. My sources of reference had mostly been limited to my mother or mother-in-law as far as food preparation was concerned. When I tried preparing new food recipes all by myself this time, I was baffled at the umpteen number of recipes available in the internet for a simple sidedish! As I kept reading them, my doubts doubled, confusions multiplied. Somehow I concluded on the recipes to try out and prepared a few dishes. To my surprise, out of four I managed to dish out three recipes to my family's satisfaction.

Note: As these dishes were prepared on different days, donot get perplexed at their incongruity.

Dishes tried: Lauki pudhina raita, mushroom pepper fry, oats upma, pumpkin halwa
Dishes satisfactory: Lauki pudhina raita, mushroom pepper fry, pumpkin halwa

On the request of my friends, I would like to share the recipes for mushroom pepper fry and pumpkin halwa. Of course, ample number of them are available in the internet but the minute differences do matter. If interested in knowing my version, please check them out in the coming posts!