Thursday, July 24, 2014


My friend wanted me to write a poem on nature for her 3rd grade daughter's school assignment. As I had barely a few minutes to do this (she had to memorize and recite it as well), I was not sure how much can a child say about nature. So here it is, nature, from an 8 year old's view.

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My dear trees, oceans, mountains,
Please pause for a moment to hear my concerns.
Grandfather says it is'nt raining as it used to, these days;
Neighbour uncle worries about the scorching heat waves;
I know not what they mean,
But I understand, what is now is'nt like what had been.

Mother tells about the small chirping morning sparrows,
Which I have seen, only in library books that I borrow.
Father talks about dwindling numbers of tigers,
For me,  a mere comparison of facts and figures.

We must nurture our nature,
Says my teacher.
I promise to keep you clean, green and in tact my dears,
Donot make me mumble over your absence, in my later years.


  1. This is beautiful, Vaishnavi. I can completely see a young child saying this with confidence and love :) Beautifully rendered!

  2. Oh really?! I wasn't confident if this would suit a child of that age but now I feel yes, after hearing from a much efficient writer and mother :) Thankyou shailaja!

  3. Not bad at all for a hasty attempt.How did the child do?

  4. I guess she said fairly well. Awaiting her result from school...