Thursday, March 6, 2014

The break

I know I was out of blogging for a long time and that too without the slightest botheration to see if my blog really exists still. But no regrets this time.

 My cook had fallen sick and did not turn up since December. I had to experiment on a daily basis and guess what, I started to fall in love with the much dreaded art of cooking. My older posts on culinary experiments will tell you how much I fear mathematics and cooking, though I know I am not bad but only lack interest in them. From starters to stuffed parathas, chutneys to cakes,  I tried them all and fared above expectations. Apart from that, a few home town visits, friends get-together and that's it.

Moreover, the winter ensured I was not going to stay awake after mid night to go back to my blog.
So now that spring has started spreading its smile, I am feeling better and waiting to write more of all that I had missed in the last three months.

Meanwhile, there are a few interesting incidents that I felt like sharing.  See if these random three interests you.

1. I have this quirky habit of observing people and playing the guess-their-ethnicity game. No, don't mistake me for a racist or being judgmental. I only try understanding similar patterns among people of particular regions and try reasoning them out. For instance, when Malayalis use 'b' in the place of 'p' or Tamilians conveniently substitute 'aa' for 'ae', its because of the lack of these phonetic alphabets in their mother tongues. You get me now? I also try guessing their place of origin through common predominant physical features. I am sure many women are ace at it. The other day while watching a movie, there was a foreigner passing by next to the hero and I yelled "he's french!" My husband stared and started laughing loudly. I thought to myself, was I going overboard in guessing?!

2. Childhood secrets were the most surprising, at the same time most sincerely kept ones. We listened with pleasure to the hushed whispers and pretended to ignore those that were not shared, though secretly we wished to be part of that serious secret business. Today when I told my daughter not to play in sand with her friend, they nodded and mumbled to each other, "Dont tell aloud. Use the code word". Five-year-olds using CODE WORDS?? The tech era  has no secrets to unravel but only codes to decipher, I realized.

3. After a very long time, I awed at the sight of a puppy. As a child, I was crazy of them. Years of grooming and taming ( I meant myself) taught me to think about hygiene, dangers of dog bites and so on before touching puppies. More now, I was afraid of infections that could pass over to my family. The madness was lost. I could not believe the child in me was back for a few seconds. Do we think way too far to feel guilty of enjoying today's little joys, be it pets, rain or chocolate? I am still wondering.

 “For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.”
John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things

 Keep pondering until the next post, sitting back sipping your cup of tea on this spring day.

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  1. Hey suvikaa, thanks for reading. Keep coming if u find it worth it dear :)

  2. i fond of your chicest way of using words to deliver mai :) :)

    1. Thanks. I would love to know the name for it makes it easier to address you appropriately :)

  3. Remembering our "Bindu" while reading the third point.

  4. Thankyou sir! Am glad you liked them.