Tuesday, August 13, 2013

As beautiful as your work

She sees a three-year-old waving good-bye to her parents with tear-filled eyes. Instantly, she picks up the little girl and takes her inside the classroom. Finding a boy punished for hitting his friend, she enquires the class teacher in a serious tone about the incident. Meanwhile, the attender hands her a cup of tea. " Dandapani annae, innoru glass kondu vaanga" (Brother Dandapani, get another glass of tea) she tells. Dandapani nods.

 Out of the 3000 odd students, 50 odd teachers and support staffs, she not only remembers most of their names but also their backgrounds. No wonder, she is the winner of the best teacher award for several years in the state apart from the women achiever award et al  . SHE is Mrs.Premalatha Panneerselvam, Principal of my school.

Beloved Madam Principal Premalatha Panneerselvam
Image courtesy:hindu.com

Draped in a cotton saree, sporting a red bindi in her forehead, Premalatha madam was a motherly figure to us. Every morning, there used to be a story read or incident shared to teach us about values."The true purpose of education is to refine oneself" was one of her favorite quotes. Her school provides 'wholesome education' according to her. It has helped thousands of students like me to go beyond the text books.

She never fails to warn her students of their safety by saying a big no to riding bikes prior to the recommended age. She also goes to the height of taking the naughty ones to her home so as to ensure that they learn to behave well and concentrate on academics.

Her kindness did pass over to the other teachers as well. Melinda mam who held preschoolers in her hip and fed food, Lakshmi mam who shared her lunch to the ones who had forgotten to carry theirs, Saro mam who helps solve problems of the adolescents, Rosy man who wishes her old students even before they recognize her, the list goes endless.

Dear mam, your beautiful smile, that stern look when things go wrong and the warm hug to console the disturbed minds, you are as beautiful as your work!!!

This post is written as an entry for Tanishq Mia As Beautiful As Your Work contest hosted by women's web.


  1. I missed reading this one Vaishnavi but it is straight from the heart. She must be delighted after reading this.

    1. Thankyou Alka! Yes, she may be if she gets to read it...